Java Network Programming Recipes

Java Network Programming Recipes

Java Network Programming Recipes

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Implement fundamental, hands-on networking concepts in Java 9 with the IP/UDP and TCP protocols and implement application protocols with Java NIO programming.

Java provides numerous classes that have developed over the years to meet evolving networking needs. These range from low-level socket and IP-based approaches to those encapsulated in software services.

This practical tutorial provides a complete introduction to developing network programs with Java. We start with the basics of networking and then explore how Java supports the development of clients/servers. You’ll explore how to use Java’s network class library to rapidly and effortlessly accomplish common networking tasks such as writing multithreaded servers, network scalability, implementing application protocols, and filtering clients and client names. Java NIO packages are examined as well as multitasking, building hands-on NIO buffers, scatter and gather, and transferring data to channels and selectors.

By the end of this video tutorial, you will have mastered networking fundamentals (and advanced concepts) in Java to ensure you understand (and are capable of building) networked programs.

Filled with hands-on examples, this course will help you perform network programming fundamentals and understand networking development using Java.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn applications of networking programming in Java
  • Explore protocols that underlie the Internet, such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP
  • Connect to other applications using sockets
  • Use channels and buffers to enhance communication between applications
  • Access network services and develop client/server applications
  • Explore the critical elements of peer-to-peer applications and
  • Learn how to develop Client/Server TCP and UDP applications
  • Master the Java NIO package to perform multitasking
Table of Contents

Networking and Programming with IP and UDP
1 The Course Overview
2 Introduction
3 Review of Network Programming
4 Network Layers
5 Java API to Network Programming
6 Using Domain Name Servers
7 UDP Echo Server

Programming TCP Clients and Servers
8 TCP Protocol
9 Creating Simple TCP Echo Server
10 Multi-thread Echo Server
11 Scalability of Network Programs
12 Handling Connections with Thread Pools

Implementing Application Protocols
13 Filtering Clients
14 Advanced Filtering Clients
15 Client Filtering Using Name
16 Writing an IRC bot
17 Sending Mail
18 Receiving Mail
19 Using FTP
20 Using SSH

Java NIO Programming
21 Java NIO Structure
22 Java NIO Buffers
23 Java NIO Scatter and Gather
24 Java NIO Transfer
25 Java NIO Selector
26 Java NIO Socket
27 Course Summary