Create Apps in MATLAB with App Designer (Codes Included)

Create Apps in MATLAB with App Designer (Codes Included)

Create Apps in MATLAB with App Designer (Codes Included)

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Become a pro to develop apps in MATLAB app designing tool called App Designer

This is a basic course on creating apps in MATLAB using its graphical user interface utility called App Designer. The App Designer is next generation, i.e., future of designing apps in MATLAB. The App Designer contains many new design components that are absent in the conventional app designing tool called GUIDE. The course is designed so that a person with the basic knowledge of MATLAB is able to transform his code to a beautiful User Interface and app. The motivation for the course, i.e., why should take it, is my observation that students and people put alot of effort in writing the code but little on its appearance. By learning this course, you will easily transform your code into a well understood piece of software that the users will find useful to interact with. All you need is motivation to learn and basic understanding of MATLAB such as variables, matrices and others. The course contains 1+ hours of recorded lectures. Every lecture contains a demonstration of the concepts and the codes are included with the course.

Each Matlab course is structured in a way that allows anyone from a beginner to a more advanced user to learn something. Also, documentation is sometimes hard to find for using Guide or AppDesigner and Nouman Azam provides a vast resource for both of these applications.

What You Will Learn

  • You should be able to work with graphical user interface controls such as text boxes, buttons, checkboxes and others to make GUI for your code.
  • At the end of the course, you will be a confident user of the MATLAB utility called App Designer for making GUI for your programs.
  • You will be able to ask any question. I will answer it ASAP.
  • You will be able to create your GUI’s. If you have any problem I will help you.
  • You will get complete source codes of lectures.
  • Regular course updates: new lectures, applications and documents.
Table of Contents

01 Why take this course
02 Learning objective and style
03 My experience with matlab
04 A few notes before starting the course
05 The design view and code view
06 Briefing on available controls in App Designer
07 Alignment and arranging options
08 Spacing and resizing
09 Grid Lines
10 Error detection and correction mechanisms of app designer
11 Useful shortcuts -1
12 seful shortcuts – 2
13 Dragging Components with Ctrl key
14 Notes before starting to code – 1
15 Notes before starting the code -2
16 Simple addition program (Codes given)
17 Slider and graphs (Codes given)
18 label and text area
19 List boxes (Codes given)
20 Drop down menu (Codes given)
21 Radio buttons (Codes given)
22 State buttons and spinner
23 Working with different types of switches
24 Opening a file and displaying its contents (Codes given)
25 Working with Tables
26 Lamps
27 Working of Tabs
28 Guages a speedometer example
29 Knobs and discrete knobs
30 Passing values between two call back functions
31 Passing data between two GUI’s
32 Adding a custom built private function
33 Adding a custom built public function
34 Including background images
35 Calling multiple apps from a script
36 Packaging your app
37 Sample project 1 Building a calculator (Part 1)
38 Sample Project 1 Building a calculator (Part 2)
39 Sample Project 2 Image Processing (Part 1)
40 Sample Project 2 Image Processing (Part 2)