Essential Git – All You Need to Know to Use Git Effectively

Essential Git – All You Need to Know to Use Git Effectively

Essential Git – All You Need to Know to Use Git Effectively

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Why spend hours learning all Git and Github? Learn the parts professional developers use and get on with your coding

This course simply teaches what you *really* need to know about Git. After working professionally with Git for more than 5 years with large and distributed teams, I will show you, step by step and cutting out all the fat, what Git is, what’s the use case behind each feature and how you can use it effectively like most professional web developers use it.

The course starts assuming you know nothing about Git and step by step explains the theory and introduces each command, progressing in a smooth, logical flow.

At the end of the course you participate in an open source project hosted in Github where you will collaborate with other student building a worldwide restaurant guide, where you will need to apply everything you learned in the course.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to start a Git repository from an existing project or clone a project hosted on the Internet.
  • You will become knowledgeable with the Github portal and how to use it professionally.
  • You will obtain a fundamental understanding of how to manage remote repositories.
  • You will learn the theory of and why branches are important.
  • You will participate in a Git collaborative project with other developers.
Table of Contents

01 What is Git
02 Installing Git
03 Installing Git on Windows
04 Installing Git on Mac
05 Checking if Git is Installed Correctly
06 Git Fundamentals
07 The File Status Lifecycle
08 Visual Workflow
09 Starting with Git
10 Basic Operations 1
11 Basic Operations 2
12 Basic Operations 3
13 Basic Operations 4
14 Basic Operations 5
15 History of the Project 1
16 History of the Project 2
17 History of the Project 3
18 Other Basic Operations
19 Undoing things
20 Unstaging Files
21 Introduction to Branching
22 The Commit History
23 Merging Branches
24 Branching in Action
25 Merge Conflicts
26 Rebasing
27 Interactive Rebase
28 Tagging
29 Remote Repositories
30 Setting up a Github account
31 Creating SSH credentials
32 Our First Remote Repository
33 Remote Repository Operations
34 Git fetch and Git pull
35 Git remote branches and tags
36 Conclusion